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 Who we work with 

We work with people-powered movements that work across economic, social and environmental issues.

 The outcomes we want to see are: 

  • A sustainable world - with regenerative economies, industries and environments

  • Stronger communities and movements, getting the resources and recognition they need so they can focus on creating the societies they want to live in

  • A growing consensus around the ways to achieve sustainable development and the essential contribution that movements make

 The Movements Trust welcomes   applications from: 

  • Informal and unincorporated groups, as well those that are registered/constituted (e.g. CICs)

  • Movements formed of at least 3 people, and individuals if you are working in partnership with others - but above all, with the power or aspiration to reach many more

  • Movements with little or no existing resource, and those experiencing barriers or exclusions

  • Movements who use influencing approaches that are charitable activities. In other words, non-violent organizing and awareness raising, and nothing party-political

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 We support movements who are   working towards a sustainable   society, for example: 

  • Working for systems change that will create a more sustainable world and encourage a move away from practices that extract from the environment, exploit people, damage the environment, and limit our resources

  • Working with others to develop practical or innovative ideas about a better future, and one that champions a sustainable world, where all people meet their need for just work, housing, health, education, environment and communities

  • Working locally, nationally or globally

  • Or working on something we haven’t thought of yet!

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