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Co-producing with Movements
October 2023

Rapid action fund for Climate Justice Movements

The Movements Trust is delighted to be facilitating an accessible movement fund for participants of the 2023 Climate Justice Camp, with partners Roots, Greenpeace MENA, Oxfam Novib,, Amnesty International and more

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Movement Convening

This year’s Climate Justice Camp took place in Lebanon in August 2023, providing a dedicated space for individuals from the global south and frontline communities to build relationships with other climate justice and intersectional advocates, to develop skills through daily workshops that can be applied in local work, to share best practices from their campaigns, and to co-create and collaborate on cross-region and cross-issue strategies for systemic change.

Easy To Access Grants

The Movements Trust is establishing a pooled fund that brings together the resources of individuals, foundations and sustainable businesses, to provide accessible grants to support the movements that attend, and emerge from, this year’s Climate Justice Camp.


500 attendees have been carefully selected by the Roots coordinating team from over 5,000 applications, to bring together the individuals and movements with unique potential to respond to the climate emergency.


The fund will remain open for donations until October 31st, and will be ready to be distributed in the New Year empowering young leaders across the world to jump straight in creating the sustainable and just future they deserve.

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Co-produced grant distribution

The Movements Trust is working with camp attendees to develop an advisory panel to contribute to, and have oversight of the distribution of the grants. A reserved percentage of the pooled fund total will be used to remunerate the panel fairly for their work.


The impact stories from these grants will be reported at the 2024 Climate Justice Camp to maintain the momentum for new and emerging Camp ideas!

Interested parties can contact & for more details. 

Donation instructions for bank transfers can be accessed here. Donation receipts available on request.

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