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Our objective is to get more funding to movements working in the UK and the rest of world. 

We believe that movements offer something unique, and philanthropy needs to adjust to be better able to support them. 

Movements often lack the resources and networks to access funding and deal with complex application processes. They are often barred from funding programmes because they are not a registered charity.

For Movements


We are a registered charity, and you can partner with us to access funding that is restricted to registered charities. We’ll act as your SPONSOR. In short, we’ll be the charity and will receive and pass the funding to you. We’ll check you are compliant with charity regulations and will keep in touch with you to hear about your progress. 

 what we're not 

We are not a financial service, sometimes called incubation, fiscal sponsorship or fiscal hosting services. In other words, we don’t provide ongoing financial services, bookkeeping, payroll or grant management. You can manage sponsored funds yourself, or we can connect you to a financial service provider if that is what you need. Read more about our fiscal sponsorship service here


We are not a grant maker, as we don’t hold funds. We do periodically offer grants through our regranting services, when we distribute funds on behalf of a donor who wants us to help them give grants to movements. When we distribute grants as a regranter, we aim to develop and promote grantmaking that is movement- friendly, to try and improve the philanthropy sector. . If you are a donor, we’d love to hear from you – read more here


We regularly convene movements in workshops to meet each other, donors and other service providers, and to share challenges and solutions.

Other Services

We can use our networks to access various forms of other assistance for you. Currently we can partner with you need legal advice to will help you develop your work, your strategy or your organising model (NB – we can’t secure legal advice if you or your colleagues are facing legal action)

How to join our movement of movements. 

To use our fiscal sponsorship service, hear about any grant opportunities or join our networking events, you can put in an initial application. Our Board will review what you are trying to do, how you are organized and what your approach is. 

  • We cannot support activity that is not legal, or is not charitable in definition e.g. political lobbying and direct action. We’d be happy to talk to you to understand what you do and whether we can help you.


Our Board aims to respond quickly to new applications so that you know you can use our services.

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