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 What we do 

Movements need...

 a charity sponsor .. 

We are a registered charity, and share our charitable status with movements by offering fiscal sponsorship, so that unincorporated movements can use the Trust’s charitable status to be eligible for funding opportunities or to claim gift aid.

Movements need...

 Movement- friendly funding.. 

We are a regranter and learning partner, supporting foundations and donors to fund movement in ways that work for the movement, not the funders: 

- rapid, trust-based granting READ MORE

- co produced with movements READ MORE

If you are donor interested learning with us, and improving how you fund movements ...

Movements need...


Social movements struggle to find funds and exert sustainable influence. We are working to build networks that support and facilitate movements to have more impact – connecting those working on complementary issues, or with donors to get them the support and investment they need.

Interested in supporting us to support movements?

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