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The Movements Trust's Mission is to increase the flow of funding to social movements.

We believe there is not one single solution to the climate and economic crises that we face. 

 Multiple grassroots and people powered efforts
are needed for real change

Social movements offer many strategies, whether to reduce extraction, exploitation and consumption, or to increase the protection of people and the planet  - we aim to make funding accessible and appropriate for their work.

All together for systems change. Social movements and people power to build a better world.  CREDIT: (Hannah Busing)

 'A social movement' 

A loosely organised but sustained campaign in support of a social goal.
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 Our vision is a   sustainable planet 

We recognise that to achieve a sustainable planet we need systemic change, addressing the inequalities and extractive tendencies in our current economic and political system. 

We can only build a just and sustainable society though flourishing and empowered communities, which is why The Movements Trust’s purpose is to support and amplify social movements striving for a just society.

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